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'Jetpack' turns you into aquatic Iron Man

YouTube / Zapata Racing

Franky Zapata demonstrates the Flyboard, a jetpack-like contraption that hooks up to a personal water craft and lets you play in and above the water akin to a dolphin.

For some of us, jetpacks represent a dreamy way to fly over traffic en route to work. For those just looking for fun, look no further than the Flyboard, a contraption that lets you zip in and out of water — and soar above it — akin to Flipper after way too much caffeine.

The device was created by French water sports racer Franky Zapata. It's essentially a board hooked up to a personal watercraft such as a Jetski via a water-sucking hose. Water shoots out through jets below the feet and hand grips to provide propulsion. 

Promotional video of the Flyboard by Zapata Racing.

In the video above, Zapata shows off the Flyboard's ability to turn humans into flipping, twisting, jumping and diving dolphins. It looks like a blast, though some skill must be required not to get tangled up in the hose. 

It hooks up to any personal watercraft with more than 100 horsepower and costs about $6,400 (PWC not included). While there are certainly other jetpacks on the market, this one might fit a few more budgets and spike higher on the fun-o-meter.

[Via PopSci and The Australian]

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