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Video: Be mesmerized by the future of glass

"A Day Made of Glass 2," Corning's expanded vision for the future of glass technologies.

Corning, the company known for its innovation in glass, has just put out another mesmerizing video exploring how its interactive display technology could mate with the computers and gadgets of the tomorrow.

The video envisions interactive displays that do everything from help us get dressed in the morning to make life-saving decisions in the operating room and share the wonder of nature with schoolchildren.

The video, "A Day Made of Glass 2," is an extension of a video released last yearthat went viral on YouTube. It's possible the new one too will leave many of us eager for the future it presents. 

For even more about the future of glass, check out our Stronger than Steel video below.

A five-thousand-year-old material gets new life and super strength thanks to new technology. From the 103rd story of the Willis Tower in Chicago to Apple's future headquarters to a Corning research lab, we see how tough glass can get while maintaining its timeless beauty.